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Here's a little about myself:

I was a fan of LG73 from the early 80's, all the way up until the early 90's. I stopped listening to LG73 when the station turned half talk around 1994. Then I started to listen again in the late 90's when LG73 was back to playing music. LG73 was my favorite radio station, hands down! My loyalty to the station was always obvious. I even remember endless debates of which radio station was better, LG73 or 1040 Kicks! (Another AM Top 40 station at the time.) The biggest arguments came from which station had the better evening show & DJ. Was it Tarzan Dan from 1040 Kicks!, or Howie The Hitman from LG73? I think without a shadow of a doubt, it was Howie The Hitman. This was proven when Tarzan Dan hit the road, and 1040 Kicks! went under. I was an active listener and always called in for contests and various things. The biggest thing I had going between myself and a friend was, seeing who could get on the air more than the other. This is where Howie came into play. He allowed both me and my friend a chance to duke it out against each other in the 9 O'clock showdown voting position, where callers would phone in and vote, and get themselves on the radio. So as long as we could come up with something funny, we would get ourselves on the show. Thus was born my character of The DJ Prince, who would phone Howie every night and make fun of him in some way over the air. My friends character was The Hyper Hippy.

This gave me a chance to get to know Howie a bit, and soon enough meet him. In time, as I got to know Howie, he offered me a spot as a volunteer helper to the evening show. I took it of course! I had just finished school and wasn't going to pass up a chance like this! So I learned the ropes, and moved up the little ladder to the point I was able to do the position of Radio Op. I usually got 2 shifts a week. Man, that was the coolest job I ever had in my life. Me, in the LG73 studio, responsible for everything that was playing on the air. Not bad for just getting out of school! I ended up being at LG73 for 2 years, up until 1992.

My biggest thanx goes out to Howie The Hitman for giving me that chance and opportunity. He was/is my greatest inspiration, and a darn fun guy. In my opinion, he was the best DJ a Top 40 radio station could ask for. He always interacted with the listeners, and entertained. He never JUST played music, and that's what made him, and his show, a MUST listen to event. The legend of Howie The Hitman will live on forever in my collection of on air tapes of LG73.

I also need to thank Pat Cardinal for hiring me and giving me a chance when I was only a volunteer at LG73.

Another great guy was Mark P. He was a good friend of Howie's, and was always a nice guy to me. He helped me out alot in the begining. He was also a great personality, and was the main member of Howie's MOB. You often heard Mark doing impressions during Howie's show. Mark later went on to be the music director for LG73 around the time Z95 launched. Mark was doing an awesome job and the ratings were still great despite the new FM station in town.

Radio can be a cruel field to work in. Several things happened at LG73 around 1993 and 1994 that saw certain individuals come to power who should not have! They brought LG73 down, by injecting a poison that went straight to the heart of what made LG73 one of the greatest stations in the world. The talent was lost, the music was gone, and ultimately, the FANS turned away.

So this is why I created this site, in dedication to LG73 and some of it's greatest people. I still live in The Lower Mainland and watch the radio biz, but for me, now I just DJ for fun, and look back at the former "crumbling Moffat Communications building", and wonder... "why do all good things come to an end"?

I also want to send shoutouts to the other Radio Ops. Mike R. & Heather K.

Scott, AKA - DJ Specs


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