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The Ultimate LG73 Tribute! - Log Book

This was the former address of LG73:

1006 Richards Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 1S8
Tel: (604) 681-7511 Fax: (604) 681-9134

This is the on air schedules that were in place during the Hot Hits / All Hit / Energy Era:

0600 - Dean Hill, Graham Hatch, Stu McAllister, Samantha Howe, Merv Connelly, Glen Lamont
1000 - Charlie Morgan
0200 - Jeff Rechner
0600 - Howie The Hitman (Cogan)
1000 - Big John Buchanon (to 2)
Weekends - Pat Cardinal, Kevin Ribble (MD), Brad Phillips (PD, starting in 1987)

0530 - Dean Hill, Graham Hatch, Stu McAllister,Samantha Howe, Merv Connelly
0900 - Charlee Morgan
0200 - Jeff Rechner
0700 - Howie The Hitman (Cogan)
Weekends - Pat Cardinal (APD/MD), Sky Walker, Brad Phillips (PD)
*Notes - Kevin Ribble left in the fall and Cardinal replaced him as MD.

0530 - Dean Hill, Graham Hatch, Stu McAllister, Samantha Howe, Merv Connelly
0900 - David Kaye
0200 - Sky Walker
0700 - Howie The Hitman Cogan
1200 - Nails Mahoney
Weekends - Pat Cardinal (APD/MD), Tamara Stanners, Tank Montana
News - Merv Connally, Samantha Howe, Brenda Starr, Stu McAllister
*Notes - J.J. Johnston became PD in September when Brad Phillips left to sign on Z95.3. J.J. was also PD at FM sister CFOX [since 1988]. He programmed both stations until he left for CFMI in 1992.

LG73 Evening Shift Programs
08PM - The Top 8 At 8
09PM - Nine O'Clock Showdown
10PM - Love Lines
11PM - Worlds Most Dangerous Game Show

0530 - Dean Hill, Graham Hatch,Stu McAllister, Kate Corman, Merv Connelly
0900 - Pat Cardinal (APD/MD)
1100 - David Kaye
0300 - Al Murdoch
0700 - Howie Cogan
1200 - Various
Swing - Nails Mahoney, Tank Montana
News - Stu McAllister, Merv Connelly, Kat Stewart, Ingrid Tammen
*Notes - PD is J. J. Johnson.

0530 - Dean Hill, Stu McAllister, Kate Gorman, Merv Connelly)
0900 - Pat Cardinal
1100 - David Kaye
0300 - Al Murdoch
0700 - Howie Cogan / Tank Montana
1200 - Various
News - Stu McAllister, Ingrid Tammen, Merv Connelly, Kate Gorman
Others - Nails Mahoney, Trevor Kidd, Russell James
*Notes - J. J. Johnston is PD. Cardinal left in February to launch and program CKLH Hamilton.

0600 - Dean Hill
0900 - David Kay / Erin Davis
1000 - Al Murdoch / Ingrid Tammen
0200 - Howie Cogan
0600 - Tank Montana
1000 - Russell James
News - Stu McAllister, Ingrid Tammen, Merv Connelly, Kate Gorman, Erin Davis
Others - Frank Kelly (Freeway Frank), Stone Phillips, Nails Mahoney

1994 - 2001
This was the downfall of LG73 and really isn't worth mentioning since all the good talent had left. Certain individuals, who gained too much authority in the station ranks, thought it would be good to turn LG73 into a talk radio station. This failed and put the final stake into the heart of the station. Of course, those same individuals left the station after that, and a few good people rose from the ashes, and tried to turn the station around by playing music once again. Although the station played a good format, with songs you still didn't hear on FM, the ratings would never climb. The faithful listeners had given up.

On February 1, after being on autopilot for months, LG73 became All-News "NW2" CJNW.

Word on the street, is that Corus has been doing some dealing, and in the very near future, Corus' highly unsuccessful All News NW2 730 will be changing formats. The likely format for CJNW would be Oldies, or possibly Jammin’ Oldies, like sister station COOL 880 in Edmonton. We may even see a return of the CKLG call letters that were abandoned on Feb. 1, 2001 when CJNW was launched.

(July 11, 2002 – Vancouver, Canada) Men of Vancouver - brace yourselves for a shot of testosterone. Corus Entertainment Inc. announced today a format change for its Vancouver radio station CJNW AM 730. The format will be MOJO Radio, the All New AM 730 talk radio station for guys that will hit the airwaves on August 6.

MOJO Radio, geared to males aged 25 – 54, provides a forum for men to discuss and debate issues that matter to them, from health and fitness to cars, careers, beers, business, women and sports. The only Vancouver talk radio station exclusively for guys, MOJO Radio will be both inventive and irreverent. This format has proven to be both a ratings and audience winner in Toronto where MOJO’s share of tuning has increased by 21%* since the format was introduced, and in that time circulation has increased 18.9% making it Toronto’s fastest growing radio station.

Ok give me a break! These guys have no idea what they are doing! This format was already tried on this frequency before, and failed. Now they want to try it again! All I can say is this is the MOST stupid thing they could have done.

As everyone knows, MOJO failed badly and Corus flipped the station again, and this time it became Traffic 730 - All Traffic, All The Time!


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