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Where Are They Now? (Outdated..)

Dean Hill's at Rock 101 CFMI doing afternoons with Graham Hatch.
Stu McAllister (The Coach) does News on JRFM Vancouver.
Merv Connelly moved to the interior of BC with his wife.
Glen Lamont aka Uncle Angus, is doing stand-up comedy at the Laughing Horse Comedy Clubs in the UK.
Charlee Morgan ??.
Howie The Hitman is in Toronto and is the voice of JACK FM across Canada.
Pat Cardinal is the General Manager/Program Director at 92.5 JACK FM Toronto *Also launched the first JACK FM in Canada.
Kevin Ribble heads up BCIT's radio program.
Jeff Rechner does voice work out of Vancouver, and does afternoons on JACK FM Vancouver.
David Kaye does voice work out of Vancouver, including work on animated series.
Al Murdoch is doing voice work out of Vancouver.
Tank Montana is in England doing radio.
Russell James is at Jack FM Toronto.
Brad Phillips is in Toronto, President CHUM TV.
Frank Kelly (Freeway Frank) ??.

- Submitted by Jeff Rechner, Frank Kelly & and RadioGuys.

* If you know of any updates, please email me.

Crew Photo - Click photo to enlarge.

- Submitted by Charlee Morgan

LG Morning Zoo Postcard, Pin, Clothing Patch & 60's Mic Flag - Click photo's to enlarge.

- Submitted by George Raymond


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